The next horizon. Everywhere


Who We Are

Nextorizon is the new italian market player for the provisioning of business data and digital communication services for the enterprises, focused on ERP systems, digital technologies, security and financial services and advisory related to the creation of startups and commercial network reorganizations. The group, strengthened by the patrimony of plurennial competences in the SAP field and from the latest projects realization in the Java and .Net space carried on along the recent years, it’s introducing itself to the market with different experiences and a network of technology partners, that it allows to offer a wide spectrum of services and innovative, competitive solutions both in Italy and abroad, with its offices in Europe, Middle East, USA and South America
The group provides system integration services, system maintenance, application and tecnical support, putting together technical competence on different technologies, process and best practices knowledge developed and implemented in multinational companies.

What We Do

Design, development and maintenance of complex software solutions in the ERP, Java, .Net space and system integration consultancy with new or legacy solutions.

Process and strategic technologic consultancy, financial aid and mentoring for enterprises, digital communication, software development, websites, Mobile, E-commerce – preconfigured software Solution provisioning, Mobile Apps for the enterprise asset management, ERP solution for the small enterprises.

Software Development
Business Consulting
Mobile Solution
SAP Solution

Our Beliefs

We were born to help companies to image, create, design and realize their next business horizon. We were born to go further and offer more. More innovation, more competencies, more consultants, more products. We are making of the technology use our business, without forgetting our classical and humanities roots. We want to be closer to our customer and partners, closer to their satisfaction and success, upon which, we measure our targets. Our client ambition become our ambition, but always kept in the perimeter of a sane competition and with the respect of the rules; that’s why we put at the center of our objectives, an ethical, fair and professional relationship with our clients, partners and employees.